Electric vehicles are making a statement in the car-manufacturing scene. The most significant change is the effect on electric vehicles’ demand as an alternative to the internal combustion engine. This change is most significant because electric vehicles are quickly gaining ground internationally to include new venture markets like India and possibly head into the African automotive market.

However, it is important to realize the trends in place, and the effect the sales of electric vehicles in all regions to get the electric vehicle’s full impact. The most significant market currently is the Indian market, as experts see it is the next frontier in EV expansion.

According to experts studying market trends, it is quite evident that electric vehicles are a welcome part of the future due to their capacity to save costs realized in buying fuel for the gas-based vehicle. This, plus an added advantage of offering the latest technological advancement, is another win for the electric vehicle market. Studying market trends helps manufacturers develop a product fully geared towards satisfying individual customer needs while catering to the requirements of the public.

Research on the Indian market shows that female car buyers are more inclined to look for safety features, a budget level capacity and a vehicle that can provide efficiency. Meanwhile, male car buyers focus on car performance with minimal need for aesthetics, good interior and style. Likewise, these are a higher inclination for male car buyers to consider electric vehicles compared to females. A comprehensive view shows that women prefer tried-and-tested methods, while men prefer to venture out and seek new technologies that might prove beneficial.

Likewise, car manufacturers need to consider the need to drive compared to the price of driving. Consumers going to buy a car consider the price of the car with regard to the convenience they receive. Experts focusing on the Indian market-related concerns that electric vehicles start at high prices might be a major deal-breaker for potential buyers.

However, industry leaders in the electric vehicle market project that the Indian market has much potential for electric vehicle purchases in the future. However, the price of all-electric vehicles will be the major determinant of sales outcomes. Furthermore, the Indian market needs an extensive investment into its charging infrastructure as well as a fully integrated system between car manufacturers, dealers’ governments, and the general public to facilitate our successful rollout of electric vehicles into the market.