The chief of operations of Virgin Galactic will be going to Australia to head the country’s space agency after the Australian government naming him to lead the upcoming space industry. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that Enrico Palermo, who has been leading operations at Virgin Galactic, will take charge of the Australian Space Agency early next year. Palermo is substituting Megan Clark in the agency, who will be transferred to the agency’s advisory committee.

Palermo will be going back to his home country where he received his education before leaving for the Virgin Galactic that was initiating its space operations in London. He received training while working at The Spaceship Company of Virgin Galactic, which deals in the production of SpaceShipTwo s0ace vehicles. He led this subsidiary to what it is before assuming the role of chief of operations at Virgin Galactic this year.

Morrison explained that they chose Palermo to head the Australian Space Agency to apply the vibrant leadership skills he displayed at Virgin Galactic in the agency. This move will enable Australia to enter the international space industry and revitalize the economy for space operations and its advantages. 

The Australian Space Agency came into being two years ago as part of the government’s plan to expand its operations in the global space industry. The agency must ensure that Australia’s space industry reaches $12 billion by the end of this decade. The agency has been strategizing on the achievement of this objective, with the government agreeing to the evolution of commercial deployment regulations last year.

Australia’s ministry of industry, science, and technology, through its chief Karen Andrews, explained that Palermo would bring in diverse strategies and experience that will reshape the research and development programs for space operations, production of space resources, and the integration of space operations with the control centers back on Earth.

Additionally, the Australian Space Agency has been linking with international teams in the US, which have proved their capacity to conquer and venture space. For example, the collaboration with NASA last year, which will see Australia give $150 million to aid the Artemis program. This move has enabled Australia to participate in the Artemis program with its payloads.

Palermo expressed his gratitude after his selection to lead the agency. He added that the Australia Space Agency had broken forth from many hindrances to doing space activities. He hopes to lead the expansion of this industry in the right direction.

Virgin Galactic explained that the resignation of Palermo would be active from December 4th. Nevertheless, the company is yet to find or announce a substitute for this astute position. In conclusion, Michael Colglazier, the CEO of Virgin Galactic, thanked Palermo for being loyal to the company from its initiation to this stage. He hopes that he can partner with the company in case Australia requires anything that Virgin Galactic is offering.