Tobyhanna Army Depot is hosting a control centre for the Department of Defense (DoD), which will serve the agency’s communication satellites. The Wideband Integration Center (WIC) maps on over 20000 square feet of land with advanced technology to facilitate communication satellites’ operations. The leaders of the Tobyhanna Army Depot stated that the centre would create about 50 jobs for the residents of this region.

The WIC mission has completely shifted from the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland to the new location. The executives who facilitated the transition explained that the move was crucial for the efficient operation of missions and a new workforce’s coordination. 

The head of the Wideband Control Test Division (WCTD), Tania Perciaccante, explained that the transition has cut down costs for their customers and created room for expansion in the center’s operations. The head of the Wideband Control Integration Division (WCID), Jeremy Buratt, echoed these remarks saying that they can now extend a hand to the commercial customers who require heavy deployments.

Buratt explained that the center’s activities in the previous location had overwhelmed the available space calling for a quick relocation to a bigger facility. The new facility has state-of-the-art hardware exceeding $380 million. The two executives noted that they could discard the old and worn-out machines with new and efficient equipment they developed over time.

The WIC brings to the table over 20 products and an all-round system for running communication satellites. The operations of the centre are split between the WTCD and the WCID. These two units collaboratively work to deliver data to the customers who have registered their payloads with the WIC for control.

The WCTD under the leadership of Perciaccante conducts preliminary tests of programs before they become operational. Isaac Gusman of the Product Manager Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (PdM WESS) explained that this unit carries out over 200 tests a year to ensure that all the communications satellites are active. Procedures that would take months to perform like the release of 20 products, this team processes the procedures in a week.

Buratt’s WCID comes into action after the WCTD. His team integrates the programs to ensure there is something like a chain in the entire program. The team also conducts innovation programs in its other facilities worldwide to ensure the agency moves with the trending technology. 

Finally, the WIC is expecting the recruitment of IT experts, computer science engineers, and telecommunication engineers to fill the newly created position. The agency selected Tobyhanna Army Depot to be its new facility due to its centrality and effectiveness in offering command, control, surveillance, and other communication technologies.