SpaceX Texas’s launch site is undergoing an environment review in preparation for the Starship spacecraft’s first flights. The launch site of the company is located in South Texas, close to Boca Chica village. This is where Starship prototypes are being developed and tested. The Starship spacecraft is SpaceX’s carrier that is expected to carry human beings too and from Mars, Moon, and beyond.  

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported on 23rd November that SpaceX is applying for orbital and suborbital launches’ licenses for Starship. The FAA is expected to carry out the site’s environment review before allowing SpaceX to launch the new spacecraft. The Starship spacecraft is powered by the Super Heavy Rocket. FAA said that the proposed update of heavy Starship operations is out of the Record of Decision and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the launch site; hence it needs extra environmental review according to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). 

The work of NEPA is to access all environmental effects in the launch licensing process. To acquire better orbital and suborbital launches’ licenses, SpaceX must ensure all environmental safety regulations are followed to the latter. This will help to provide a guarantee that the launch would be a safe and secure mission. According to the FAA, the company also needs to come up with the license application’s agreements. 

As of now, the FAA is in the early stages of carrying out the launch site’s environmental review as well as coming up with a plan for public outreach. Right now, SpaceX is in the process of designing an environmental assessment (EA). This aims at determining the effect of the Starship launch from Texas and identifying better mitigation measures. The environmental assessment will also be part of the FAA’s approval and evaluation. 

SpaceX has begun to hire offshore operations engineers to design, develop, and build a floating, superheavy-class spaceport, a vehicle for Starship launching. SpaceX officials said that the Starship mission is expected to be launched by early next year if all goes as planned.