I happened to be stationed at Wright Patterson and located in base houses at web page Manor off Col Glen Hwy,

because article pointed out accumulated snow was melting temp was at the 50’s,in those times there clearly was no elements channel or social networking therefore we found out about it at the time,my spouse chosen me up after finishing up work and told me we should instead go right to the comissary for meals it was bumper to bumper carts inside and out,my father known as from Indiana and mentioned this is certainly bad and heading your path,it started pouring and was still mild at night,then the temps fallen easily freezing rain,sleet,then the accumulated snow together with wind came,it ended up being therefore cool stayed below 0 for 2 days,Col Glen Hwy had not been available for 3 days after which it had been like travel thru a tunnel,i’ll remember the blizzard of 1978

Many thanks for sharing your recollections, Rod!

I lived-in the apartments at the conclusion of Duncan Drive off Zink Rd around the Col Glen Hwy. They were on the hilltop above Wright Patterson AFB. The snow drifts were high up indeed there and any highway clearance included further accumulated snow along the roads. My better half got students at Wright county and that I worked at Children’s medical center. I found myself making for operate, the 7am shift, therefore the wind was actually blowing so difficult that i possibly could scarcely open the automobile door. We went back in to tell my better half I would push your to school, the wind got too powerful to walk on road through field. We zippped up to Kauffman Ave. and parked the vehicle in much along University Ave. We knew there were no cars traveling, plus the great deal featured unused, so we switched on the air. But as we have shut-off the system, it could perhaps not restart. As a result of the rain the night earlier, the whole lot was actually an ice layer from the heat drop. We very carefully wandered for the institution houses and soon realized that, although we had gotten inside the house, college ended up being cancelled. We additionally learned that there would be no snacks provider for several days, it actually was a lot worse than we believe. Wright State got an underground tunnel program of the means to access each building. We were capable of getting for the health sciences strengthening in which my hubby had a key on the scholar lounge in which we can easily unwind a bit. We made a decision to getting fearless and stroll residence through field because we had just gone trips to market and had quite a few items. After a bunch of hot chocolates, we took off. It had been the stupidest choice We ever produced. The snow had been hip-high on the go, the wind had been blowing more than 60 miles per hour. The length got over two soccer industries. In the middle of we regarded as heading back but chose to excersice. We had to wrap the heads with only a sliver to see through. We obviously remember the icicles developing to my eyelashes! People it absolutely was cold. We’d to hang on to each other getting across due to the wind. We managed to make it but couldn’t even get-up some of the stairways inside on suite before resting. Our foot and fingertips are numb, thankfully not frostbitten, but a little more times would have been poor. No shoes or gloves could handle that cold. A healthcare facility went on quick workforce when it comes to day and didn’t pick me up. We played cards and video games with the next-door neighbors and contributed our very own delicacies using them. Whenever we eventually got the car, it can turn off at a spГіjrz na tД™ stronД™ stop indication and that I needed to put it in basic and rev it simply keeping it heading. They ended up the cold cracked the motor block hence was the termination of that automobile. Later that wintertime, my husband chosen late into the evening (med people like medical doctors will be the worst clients) which he couldn’t stand the pain sensation inside the foot and had a need to go directly to the medical facility. The second car is tucked right up beyond the ground. We tried looking it out with just the long windshield ice scraper, your hobbling on crutches. We had to use pressing and the as modifying gears usually to maneuver the auto to and fro for quite a long time. We ultimately got on, at this point it is 2am and no one is found on the street. Yikes. I kept Ohio many years later on and stumbled on the western shore, making the snowfall behind. Most many years later on, as the teens love to ski/snowboard, the snowfall and ice at the Donner move inside the pond Tahoe location is fairly treacherous additionally the drive down from the pass may be nasty. But that winter season in Ohio got the worst!

Wow, just what a story! I’m happy both of you caused it to be through fine! Many thanks for sharing their blizzard memories around, Marji!

I found myself stuck inside the blizzard of ’78 with a friend of mine coming back from Minnasota. We spent per week in a rest stop off the Ohio Turnpike with 50 vehicle motorists.

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