Jen Hatmaker – Supporter together with her partner Brandon, from same-sex marriages

George Bloomer (Bishop George G. Bloomer) – Servers the college of your prophets in the Bethel Friends Worship Cardio inside the Vermont. Scripture Twister.

Guillermo Maldonado / Gather Chapel – London) – Maldonado calls himself and you can apostle, there are no apostles contained in this date! A keen apostle should a close look witness out of Jesus’ baptism via Their resurrection. Maldonado states The guy talks to own God. Believes the brand new pope are an excellent Christian.

Heidi Bakker – This person makes me unfortunate. She literally envokes demons inside/toward anybody.She actually is a bogus prophetess . She repeats mantras inside the fake prayer and that envokes demons because you will discover throughout the videos below. Heidi try aside of your the apostolic reformation way. She’s aside out-of Bethel chapel and you will speaks there as well as Expenses Johnson. Please use caution whenever enjoying this type of video clips. Its makes my soul most unfortunate observe instance demonic need more than for the a church. This isn’t exactly what God wants. This is simply not how you worship Jesus! YouTube – See Untrue Professor HEIDI BAKER IMPARTING DEMONS And you may CASTING Spells During the BETHEL Church YouTube – Check out False Professor Heidi Baker Imparting Demons And Casting Spells From the Bethel Chapel

Hendrik (Hank) Hanegraaff – Critic of your own pre-trib Rapture, calling it anti-semitic eschatology. Allegorical standing for the prophesy. He’s extremely anti-Isreal and you may anti-semitic. He was among the many audio system on Ecumenical “Palestinian” fulfilling “Christ within checkpoint 2016”.

Henry Fernandez – Believes it’s God’s tend to for everyone to help you do well and be into the good health. Word-of Believe/Prosperity gospel. Incorrect Professor.

Irvin Baxter – Hosts the widely used broadcast transmit “Government and you will Faith” and is the new inventor regarding Stop Date Ministries. He will not deal with the fresh trinity and is affilliated with the United Pentecostal chapel, and therefore claims it’s measures are the only correct answer to salvation. He does not believe the publication regarding Disclosure try chronological, which leads to perceptions. He in addition to rejects the fresh new pre-tribulation rapture. He thinks both Witnesses away from Revelation part eleven might possibly be here on earth today.

Completely wrong!

Jesse and you will Kathy Duplantis – Jesse says “Jesus don’t understand what The guy composed, thus The guy expected Adam to call him or her.” He shows Goodness requires our consent! He shows one to Adam is actually Goodness. He thinks regarding Word of Trust course. Jesse thinks he or she is a small jesus. Zero Your own Maybe not! The guy twists scripture and instructs heresy having fun with funny & prompt talking. Jesse told you he previously travel so you’re able to paradise and you will saw God and you can that Goodness necessary Jesse to hold Him which Goodness wept on Jesse’s neck! Have you been Kidding Me!

Jim Bakker – Creator, PTL (Supplement The lord) System. Jailed immediately following found guilty away from overselling date-offers in order to a resort to your PTL grounds. He’s back on television and has now tendermeets became an effective huckster to own expensive doomsday success restaurants. He’s associated themselves that have incorrect prophet Rick Joyner. Word-of Believe/Prosperity gospel.

We’re disciples maybe not apostles

Jim Jones – He thinks he or she is a tiny goodness b/c out-of Genesis step three:5. The guy believes all the human is a bit god.

Joel and you will Victoria Osteen – Joel is actually a wolf. He’s an untrue professor delivering hundreds of thousands so you’re able to heck. The guy believes in the word of Faith movement (success gospel). Joel is actually a word-of trust professor who believes you might do health, riches & achievements of the speaking they towards the lifetime. He teaches self-confident talking with regards to faith talking. The guy thinks during the a tiny gods idea, since the Goodness talked it thus will we. The guy shows to the worry about every exercises. Example I can do that, I am able to do that, We We We. The guy will not use scripture throughout the their teachings and you will cannot teach the fresh gospel. Just what well worth was teachings when they maybe not regarding salvation, the newest Gospel, God an such like.? (Matthew eight:fifteen, dos Timothy cuatro:3-4)